Lesbian Succubus Diary

Dedicated to alexkellyoc and all who love like her…

My girlfriend’s wings are scarlet red
Her tail is midnight blue
Beneath my lover nude I swam
And over me she flew

Cover of Lesbian Succubus Diary and other steamy stuff, a collection of poems and short stories by Francis James Franklin

Lesbian Succubus Diary

  1. Making Friends
  2. Devilish Fun
  3. A Dream Come True
  4. Dreaming of You
  5. Through the Looking Glass
  6. Smoke and Mirrors
  7. Batgirl
  8. My Soul’s Delight
  9. High-Altitude Love
  10. Maternal Affection

Note: Meridiana, who appears in this story as ‘the first succubus’, is a real historical character. There’s a nice post by My Life With Lady Spirits about her: Meridiana: An Important Lady Spirit in History.

the succubus drinks
her thirst is insatiable
for lustral delight

There have been quite a few succubi and incubi hanging out around my blog lately. Matching the above theme, for example, there is:

A Lilith tale:

More succubi and Lilith:

tail of midnight blue
wings ablaze with scarlet flame
my dark, wondrous love

And, finally, here are the incubi:

2 Responses to Lesbian Succubus Diary

  1. shandrial says:

    I very much enjoyed your series. Thank you for sharing them.

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