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The goddess and the sexbot

I have a copper figurine that I bought nineteen years ago in Athens. I paid more for it than I realised at the time, but it’s worth far more to me than I paid. While it does have a certain … Continue reading

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a father’s love

bridal offering a proud father marches her into the sunset blood of a virgin untouched by a father’s love first blood washing her father’s feet * cassandra wept – the last drop would be her own * medusa’s beauty masked … Continue reading

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Iphigenia, or: The Girl From Ipinama

Sententiae Antiquae, one of the blogs I follow, publishes translations of interesting passages from Ancient Greek and Latin. This month, he has had a series of posts on the topics of Helen and Iphigenia. #MythMonth: Agamemnon’s Daughter, in particular, looks … Continue reading

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Iphigenia in Paradise

Onomastics Outside the Box brought to my attention that Iphigenia is mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, in Canto V of Paradise. I myself once followed Dante through Inferno and halfway up Purgatory, but never reached Paradise… I reached for my … Continue reading

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whipped by seething winds great heroes seek the princess iphigenia thousand ships of war chased against the rocky shore whipped by seething winds the huntress enraged a father calls his daughter iphigenia achilles in haste treading an ambitious path whipped … Continue reading

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on the ramparts of beauty – dreams of bland perfection

Helen & Iphigenia Aphrodite won for romance defies logic when goddesses war once I saw Helen on the ramparts of beauty besieged on all sides Helen was pretext it was lust for gold that killed Iphigenia to a hero wed … Continue reading

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Iphigenia in Splott

Iphigenia in Aulis Artemis, having been deeply offended by the arrogance of Agamemnon, demonstrated just why you should never risk the wrath of the gods. At the moment of Agamemnon’s greatest triumph, the assembled armies of Greece under his command, … Continue reading

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We men burn our beauty before us

I was delighted this morning to stumble across a poem about Iphigenia by Eric Robert Nolan. The poem, Iphigenia’s Womb has been published in the Aphelion Webzine. The poem is written from Agamemnon’s POV, thinking back on Iphigenia’s sacrifice, but … Continue reading

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author with a twitter app

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… unending sadness her tears fill the seas with salt her sweet song summons golden-haired princess born of an ignoble king Iphigenia! aloof, yet regal loving, yet independent warm, cuddly killers chocolate cupcake looks … Continue reading

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Farewell to Iphigenia

I want to conclude this flurry of posts about Iphigenia with a quote from the lass herself: If Artemis is minded to take this body, am I, a weak mortal, to thwart the goddess? Nay, that were impossible. … give … Continue reading

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