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Rise of the Robots

Today is the fifth and final haiku on the theme of monsters: such efficiency. Freya says, “I don’t know if Frank’s intention was to write about war, but this is what this haiku made me think.” Which is interesting, because … Continue reading

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The Feather of Alt-Truth

In these enlightened days of alt-facts, the feather of alt-truth weighs heavy indeed. The scales of justice are wonkier than willy and the gate to the alt-erlife is flung wide and guarded by the ultra-rich. Like the Catholic church of … Continue reading

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These words

The third of my five monstrous haiku is no voice but these words. Freya says, “I enjoyed this one because it made me think – is this the vampire speaking? or the victim?” I suppose it’s inevitable that a haiku … Continue reading

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The fair maid’s breast

The second of this week’s five monstrous haiku – I delight in blood – is that classic image of erotic danger from vampire tales. A fair maid’s breast is exposed and she sighs with pleasure as the sensitive skin is … Continue reading

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Monstrous Haiku

Freya Pickard recently asked for haiku submissions on the theme of monsters and the monstrous. Since this is a subject close to my heart, I found myself quite inspired. I’m delighted that Freya has accepted all five of my haiku, … Continue reading

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crossing the imagined

two empty beer cans one drunk milky way a distant memory of stars blackberries and vines sweet intoxication flows from my thorn-spiled flesh between fire and flood a vale of unbelievers throw stones … it’s tee-time with sun’s set: a … Continue reading

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tea leaves stewing in bitterness

machine-gun police peppering the streets why, this zephyr seeks revelation! I skirt the issue play catch as you like an electron waves goodbye an ex to grind beneath my heel ex machina both god and the devil logically tea leaves … Continue reading

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