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A Pride-And-Prejudice Supergirl

A whimsical fiction inspired by the TV series… Dear Alexandra, What abominable misfortune it is that you were unable to attend the ball at Lady Catherine’s last night. All of society it seemed was there and I felt quite out … Continue reading

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The War of the Worlds, or: Three Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

Three is a recurring number in science fiction. We’re familiar with animals with four legs, and humans with two, and many various creatures with even numbers of legs, so in seeking to conjure up images of the alien it is … Continue reading

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Before I Fall

★★★★★ goodreads Lauren Oliver’s Website Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall (published 2010; now also a Netflix film) is yet another variation on the theme of Groundhog Day, in which the protagonist must relive the same day over and … Continue reading

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