Alyth and the incubus

My friend Alyth arrived unanticipated at my door this morning, looking disheveled and exhausted. ‘Coffee,’ she said, pushing her way inside and kicking off her muddy trainers. ‘Give me coffee.’

By the time I returned from the kitchen, maybe three minutes later, with two mugs of strong, steaming hot coffee, Alyth was fast asleep on the sofa, a satisfied smile echoing about her lips. I covered her with a blanket and watched her sleep for a while, sipping my coffee, wondering whether to wake her and send her to have a shower, deciding in the end to leave her to her dreams.

She was still there on the sofa when we returned from work, her face concealed under a cascade of red curls. At some point she had at least partly undressed herself, and one beautifully bare leg now stretched itself erotically over the blanket, exposed to the cool air. We left her sleeping and I closed myself in the kitchen to cook chilli and rice while listening to Radio 4 (I’m sorry I haven’t a clue). My daughter ignored admonishments to be quiet, and the TV blared into life.

I soon heard Alyth climbing the stairs, and the familiar roar of water rushing through the pipes, but it was close to an hour before she returned downstairs. It was funny to see Alyth wearing my wife’s clothes.

‘I’m starving!’ she growled, and ladled rice and chilli into a bowl. She ate immediately, standing opposite me in the kitchen, wolfing it down with astonishing speed. It was only after she had refilled the bowl that she looked around, as if suddenly aware of her surroundings, and checked that the kitchen door was closed.

‘Have you ever,’ she asked, her large grey-blue eyes fixed intently on mine, ‘looked at a man and just known that you had to have him right there and then, all caution to the wind?’

‘In all honesty? No.’

She laughed. ‘Okay, but have you ever looked at a woman and wanted to just tear her clothes off and do her right there and then?’

Talking with Alyth about sex always makes me uncomfortable, like I’m being unfaithful to my wife somehow. Alyth is a very attractive young girl, after all.

I blushed, and evaded the question. ‘Are we talking about Cray?’

‘God, no. Well, Cray is hot…’ For a few seconds she was silent, her eyes mentally undressing an imaginary Cray, then she shook herself and focussed on me again. ‘But this was something else. I summoned an incubus.’

‘An incubus.’ Uh huh.

‘Yes. And he was fucking gorgeous.’ She laughed, and then bit her lower lip gently, which she does when she’s thinking mischievous thoughts. ‘I found the spell on the internet last week, and had to try it out.’

‘Is Cray not satisfying you in bed?’

‘Oh, shut up,’ she laughed. ‘He’s disappeared again. I haven’t seen him for a few days. I wanted to test my new powers. I really didn’t expect the spell to work. Most of the spells on the internet are rubbish. This one, though…’ She lost herself in some memory of passion, her eyes almost burning from the heat.

‘As soon as the evocation was complete I saw him, striding towards me through the trees, his bare chest tanned and perfectly toned. I found myself moving to meet him, my nails digging into his muscular flesh the moment our lips collided. No way was I going to let him escape.

‘His eyes were beautiful, threaded with all the colours of the rainbow. At once gentle and absolutely determined to possess me, just as I was determined to have him. I’ve never been so wet. I could feel his cock pushing hard against me, and couldn’t get his trousers off fast enough, and wow…’


She nodded in an exaggerated way. ‘He could give porn stars an inferiority complex.’

‘Sounds painful.’

She grinned. ‘You would think so, wouldn’t you? It wasn’t. Well, maybe a bit, at first.’ She frowned suddenly. ‘It felt amazing in me, but also weirdly alive, like the head of a giant serpent. Like the python around your neck in that photo on your blog.’

‘Sounds like you were high on something. This spell didn’t involve some dodgy potion, I hope.’

‘It was just soup. Herbs and stuff.’




Alyth hesitated briefly, embarrassed. ‘Magic mushrooms.’

‘You’re such an idiot.’

She laughed. ‘I know. But it worked…’ Suddenly she yawned. ‘I need to sit down. Make me a coffee, will you?’ She wandered off then, leaving me to wait for the kettle to boil. By the time I joined her in front of the TV, she was fast asleep again.


Later, while Alyth slept, I looked up Incubus on the web and found this interesting post about horny spirits: Ghostly Lovers – Trick or Treat? Excerpts from The Rational Psychic.

However, that wasn’t quite what I was looking for, so I looked in Alyth’s encyclopedia, and it includes a summary by Sinistrari:

What incubi introduce into the womb is not any ordinary human semen in normal quantity, but abundant, very thick, very warm, rich in spirits and free from serosity. This, moreover, is an easy thing for them, since they merely have to choose ardent, robust men, whose semen is naturally very copious, and with whom the succubus has relations; and then the incubus copulates with women of a like constitution, taking care that both shall enjoy a more than normal orgasm, for the greater the venereal excitement the more abundant is the semen.

There is also this from Pico della Mirandola:

The witches claim to derive so much pleasure that they assert there is no other like it on earth. And I think this may be for two reasons. First, because of the very great beauty and grace of countenance which those evil spirits assume; second, for the extraordinary largeness of their members [la grandezza straordinaria de’ membri]. … The devils can even agitate the thing when it is inside, wherefore the women derive more pleasure than they do with men.

I do love that phrase – la grandezza straordinaria de’ membri

If that’s what she imagined, no wonder Alyth enjoyed her woodland adventure!

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A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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