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The only way we can

My wife works in America, my husband in Japan We make love, once or twice a week, the only way we can Each has a sexbot, customised, identical to me And likewise I have bots of them, no difference can … Continue reading

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One lover gone

I wake to find one lover gone he works hard day and night the other’s sleeping by my side a most disheveled sight I kiss her gently on the cheek I’ve work to do as well Though fast asleep she … Continue reading

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The Three Crowns of Sendahir

In the distant land of Sendahir, where the sun is fiercely hot and people have darker skin than ours, a king and queen ruled during a time of peace and plenty. And yet, they were unhappy, because although the high … Continue reading

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My husband, wife and I

I’d read the Bible countless times That day the words were wrong I’d thought to read the Holy Book While lost in reverent song My eyes sought out a sacred verse Profanity they found! Unholy pages filled the book In … Continue reading

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★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Abha Dawesar’s website Abha Dawesar’s Babyji, published 2005, is the beautifully written and intriguing story of Anamika Sharma’s sexual awakening. Anamika is in her final year at school, where she is Head Prefect, a position of … Continue reading

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My Bi Boyfriends

This poem is by special request. Erotic M/M is so far out of my comfort zone it’s almost funny, but who am I to resist a challenge. Honest commentary welcome! My boyfriends worship me it’s true But like a manly … Continue reading

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Quantum Sex & other entanglements

A celebration of love and sexuality, these verses are an erotic journey across the rainbow of human nature, encounters with mythical creatures and monsters, and even a goddess or two. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, sometimes seductive, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, … Continue reading

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