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Kill Me

★★★★★ goodreads Alex Owens’s blog Alex Owens’s Kill Me, published 2012, is the first (and currently only) book in the Blood Chord series narrated by Claire who is working hard to support her daughter and increasingly burdensome husband. … Continue reading

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Wicked In My Own Way

★★☆☆☆ goodreads Kayleigh King’s blog Kayleigh King’s Wicked In My Own Way, published 2013, is an urban fantasy that feels lesbian-YA – but isn’t really. The main character, Lucy, identifies explicitly as bisexual, although this is a throwaway, … Continue reading

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The word ‘the’ has no place in poetry Here at the beginning do not use ‘the’ Ending with ‘the’ is the worst thing to do

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Come For Me

Two erotic villanelles with the same theme and title. Come, my love, every night, and every day Kneel! Declare undying love! and you will Come for me, I need you, do as I say Put hand on heart and promise … Continue reading

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Male Leads: Why Gender Stereotypes Limit Readers – Guest Post by Amanda M. Lyons

I have for a long time been obsessing over the ethics and sexuality of vampires (see, for example, Consent). I am delighted to have a guest post today from Amanda M. Lyons, author of the vampire series Shades of Midnight, … Continue reading

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A Girl Called X

She stumbled wildly through the trees Fresh scars across her pretty face Her bruised and too-oft beaten face Fresh blood so quick to freeze She skittered madly over ice Bright dreams so clear, the warmth of home She’d made it … Continue reading

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an infinity of infinitesimals

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… silk strands of logic woven into theorems that hold creation spider in its web, spinning new philosophy – captive audience shoelaces knotted, each foot bound to the other – she’s falling for me… … Continue reading

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