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words like copper wire

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… the goddess reclines the faithful drink sacred wine they serve her pleasure ‘What big teeth you have!’ ‘All the better to bite you. ‘Come, my pretty girl…’ words like copper wire unseen forces … Continue reading

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I wish I were a lesbian

I wish I were a lesbian With hours to sit and write My quill would tease a subtle rhyme With rhythm I would fight I’d run a bath with lemongrass Write odes by candlelight And dream of lovers feminine Who’d … Continue reading

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Rose Montague’s Jade, published November 2013 (see guest post by the author: No one reads lesbian fiction anyway, so who cares?), is narrated by Jade, a part-witch/vampire/shifter/fae with an expertise in martial arts, and a strict diet of coffee, wine, … Continue reading

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The Frying Pan of Fate

I want to share a couple of links. First up, an unusual and very entertaining fairytale: The Beautiful Mermaid. Second – entirely unrelated – a post by Dianne Harman: Eight Deal Breaker Words on a Book Blurb. Writing a blurb … Continue reading

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Friday Night

Clubs and cinema, ale and wine French and fingering… yours or mine? Salt and vinegar, fish and chips Cuffs and nipple clamps, gags and whips

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A thousand lies

Peter was my first His hands were rough His breath was stale Whiskey and cigars He pushed me down Onto the ground Took me quickly Without a sound Blood on my gown My virgin cherry burst Sam was next Then … Continue reading

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The Bucket List: Part Three – Flames of Passion

Flames of Passion, Part 3 of Annie Oakfield’s entertaining and very erotic series The Bucket List, was released this month. As always, Annie writes very well and with detail – here is an author who enjoys research, and I think … Continue reading

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