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blood like tears – we move in circles

Spring Comes to Narvik close enough to touch an icy peak lost in cloud a bottomless fjord how calm the water! snatched from Atlantic grandeur ringed by icy peaks memories of snow cascading through the forests… winter is bleeding dilly … Continue reading

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Lesbian Succubus Diary & other steamy stuff

For anyone who loves my poetry and short stories so much they want to take them on holiday and show them the world (you never know), here is the latest collection of my eccentric creations. Get it from Amazongoodreads A … Continue reading

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the night is for dreamers

the succubus comes while you are asleep you cannot deny her, you can’t even try the night is for dreamers and not counting sheep you cannot escape! no matter how deep your slumber is fragile, and danger is nigh the … Continue reading

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petals soft as flame

petals soft as flame my cheeks burn from their caress falling on dark earth raw silken beauty hidden promise of honey petals soft as flame loud adorations wild declarations of love falling on dark earth intoxicated I drown in seductive … Continue reading

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you are the one

you are the one, I tell you true my heart tall buildings leaps – you’re mine my supergirl, my hero blue I bared my heart and in you flew when you’re away I sit and pine you are the one, … Continue reading

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Iphigenia in Splott

Iphigenia in Aulis Artemis, having been deeply offended by the arrogance of Agamemnon, demonstrated just why you should never risk the wrath of the gods. At the moment of Agamemnon’s greatest triumph, the assembled armies of Greece under his command, … Continue reading

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We men burn our beauty before us

I was delighted this morning to stumble across a poem about Iphigenia by Eric Robert Nolan. The poem, Iphigenia’s Womb has been published in the Aphelion Webzine. The poem is written from Agamemnon’s POV, thinking back on Iphigenia’s sacrifice, but … Continue reading

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How Kara got her name

Mere seconds separated their departure from their home Already crystals falling from the city’s ancient dome But Kal’s ship found the direct path while Kara’s had to roam Fierce metric stresses forced her ship to fly in phantom space A … Continue reading

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A frightened girl, our hero

This follows on, sort of, from A Girl Called X. A frightened girl, our hero was The stars were drowned in tears Through curving space and folding time She travelled two Earth years Like ghosts her parents’ voices filled Her … Continue reading

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The Vampire in the Clock Tower

The wind screamed in her ears as she fought through its invisible violence, and not for the first time she cursed the dress that furled and billowed like a great sail no matter how tightly she pulled it in. The … Continue reading

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