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The City Darkens

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Sophia Martin’s blog Sophia Martin’s The City Darkens, published originally as a six-part serial in 2013, is a well written and gripping read, with excellent world-building full of details of clothing, culture and religion. There is … Continue reading

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Kill Me

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Alex Owens’s blog Alex Owens’s Kill Me, published 2012, is the first (and currently only) book in the Blood Chord series narrated by Claire who is working hard to support her daughter and increasingly burdensome husband. … Continue reading

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Why India & vampires are such a sexy combo

A short quote from possibly the best vampire movie ever (The Hunger – see My Top Ten … Fantastic Female Vampires and The Hunger – Vampire Music?): Sarah Roberts: What’s that piece you’re playing? Miriam Blaylock: It’s Lakmé by Delibes. … Continue reading

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Poetic Justice: In search of Supergirl

I have always been a huge fan of Superman. Batman and Spiderman are kinda cool too, but Superman is something very different. Perhaps because he is a man of absolutes: unmatchable strength, with a fatal weakness. Mainly, I would say, … Continue reading

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Strong Female Characters and Other Heroines

I have written before about strong female characters (see Female Vampires and Strong Female Characters), but there have been a lot of posts in the past few months complaining about the prevalence of kick-ass heroines in popular culture. There’s nothing … Continue reading

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Serpent in Eden

The writing bug, when inspiration strikes, is an insect that can’t be ignored. This past holiday I have been stealing time to curl up with my iPad or iPhone and forge through the sequel to The Slave-Girl and the Vampire. … Continue reading

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The dusty gold of an unsolicited review

It is over thirteen years since I finished writing Kings of Infinite Space, or: The Quest for Alina Meridon (hereafter called KOIS), a grand sci-fi / fantasy epic that took three years to write. It is over two years since … Continue reading

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No one reads lesbian fiction anyway, so who cares?

Rose Montague is the author of Jade, a YA urban fantasy whose narrator is not only a female vampire (yay!) but also a bisexy witch (yay!). Or maybe she’s lesbian, I’m still trying to figure that out. (Labels – sigh.) … Continue reading

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My Top Ten … Fantastic Female Vampires

I like female vampires. I’m usually ranting about their portrayal in literature, but they’ve certainly made an impact on the big screen. I’m the not the first to make a ‘Top 10’, and won’t be the last, but here goes… … Continue reading

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Immortal Perfection – The Amaranth and the Plot Hammer

Strong Heroines and Vulnerability FanFiction Fridays recently posted And Another Thing… which has a list of observations on writing gleaned from The Write Stuff. Two points in particular caught my eye: It’s ok to have two characters date each other. … Continue reading

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