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Genderquake and Transphobia

Sarah Ditum says, in an opinion piece in The Guardian (Genderquake failed. Now for a proper trans debate, 13th May 2018), “there‚Äôs so much resistance to [discussions about gender and trans issues] taking place.” This is simply not true. Gender … Continue reading

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Know them Not

sex: male or female? only two boxes to tick (question invalid) men are predators! know them not by heart or mind but by the penis woman is sacred defiant of men’s boxes… keep the bastards boxed! this stew of hatred … Continue reading

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Denying Herself

should we test at birth? certify the chromosomes? binary only… where is it written – the rules for male and female? on tablets of stone? “Women are XX!” one crier in a thousand denying herself how cinderella, the definitive woman, … Continue reading

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Glorious Pink

transgender lilith her serpentine attribute a totem of fear chains of DNA make gender a straitjacket to be worn from birth we are nought but flesh! why pretend there is value in having a heart? men wore corsets once and … Continue reading

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Unacceptable Thoughts

DNA twists words making predators of kids – blood on the altar Iphigenia was more man than Achilles (make no assumptions) Helen’s divine form seduced even a goddess… not bad for a man! she washes her child of unacceptable thoughts … Continue reading

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In (binary) days of old

In days of old, you either had a penis or you didn’t. If you did, you were considered a man. If not, then a women. Anyone who didn’t conform was killed, locked in the attic/madhouse, or simply ignored. The binary … Continue reading

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The Trans Debate

“Gender identity isn’t a real thing. It’s completely unscientific. Male and female are biological facts, like having breasts or having a penis. This is your sex, and the evidence is plain to see. You’re one or the other, and you … Continue reading

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