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Gravity – Alternative Ending

The two astronauts glided through the almost perfect vacuum of Low Earth Orbital space, connected to nothing but each other. Ten metres of braided steel tether, strong enough to support half a tonne down on Earth where people actually had … Continue reading

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The Sexbot as Protagonist: rules, and an excerpt

I have in the past written rules for writing vampire characters and rules for writing succubus characters, and inevitably I turn now to the rules for writing sexbot characters. I remember reading somewhere – and I wish I could find … Continue reading

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Arms and legs to match

There is a place in India another in Japan In China there is surely one despite the legal ban These factories of robot parts all belching sweat and steam Labouring through day and night to build a man’s sweet dream … Continue reading

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Alexis has new boots

Alexis has new boots black leather about a fibula not cost-effective to repair let her crawl to the scrap heap it’s good to recycle but Alexis has new boots from an admirer… but surely none could admire her… machinery of … Continue reading

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Why I Love Science Fiction Romance – Guest post by Aidee Ladnier

By consensus, most readers agree that the modern genre of science fiction was created by Mary Shelley. She wrote her oeuvre Frankenstein about a scientist creating life in his lab… and the world changed. Writers became dreamers, looking to the … Continue reading

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Open Skies

★★★★☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Yolande Kleinn’s blog Yolande Kleinn’s Open Skies, published March 2016, is an enjoyable space novella giving us a glimpse of a galactic civilisation in which many spacefaring species coexist, for the most part peacefully but echoes … Continue reading

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blood-whetted lips – many snatches bandered

Tanka / Kyōka an old man in grey sword and staff in weary hands falling to his doom a creature twisted by hate triumphant and graced with gold odysseus loved no one so much as himself a stallion man! in … Continue reading

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