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The Enchanted Forest: Epilogue

Their parting, at the edge of the forest, was wordless, both afraid to admit that this was the end, a parting of ways. Lisa kissed the tears from Kari’s cheeks and wrenched herself away, feeling she had left her heart … Continue reading

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The Enchanted Forest: 12. The Silver Queen

“Mama?” She hadn’t changed at all, except for her hair that had once been black and straight but was now an effusion of silver curls. “Kari,” she said, and strode towards her. Kari surrendered to her mother’s embrace, to the … Continue reading

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Why I Love Science Fiction Romance – Guest post by Aidee Ladnier

By consensus, most readers agree that the modern genre of science fiction was created by Mary Shelley. She wrote her oeuvre Frankenstein about a scientist creating life in his lab… and the world changed. Writers became dreamers, looking to the … Continue reading

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Goddesses of Love, Lust and Liberty

Jacquotte Fox Kline’s new fantasy trilogy Down Deep Inside blends Christian and ancient Greek mythologies, establishing between Heaven and Hell a city-realm in Elysium where Aphrodite rules over a renegade New Order of succubi and incubi. This is a matriarchal … Continue reading

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Skirting the Truth with Alina X

With Alina X, it’s difficult to know where reality stops and imagination starts. Perhaps she’s only a university researcher with an overactive imagination and a risqué dress sense, but it’s not difficult to believe that she’s a sexual adventuress, or … Continue reading

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★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Anya Vossand’s blog Anya Vossand’s Larkspur, published January 2014, combines a sweet and thought-provoking lesbian romance with some well written erotica. After her cheating ex-girlfriend outs her to her grandparents, Abby is thrown a lifeline by … Continue reading

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The Left Hand of Justice

★★★☆☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Jess Faraday’s blog Jess Faraday’s The Left Hand of Justice, published 2013, is a steampunk detective novel, set in 1820s Paris, with a lesbian romance of sorts. Inspector Elise Corbeau is a reformed character, brought up … Continue reading

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