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International Recognition of Gender Diversity Week

Perhaps to celebrate Supergirl’s latest addition, a transgender superhero played by transgender actress Nicole Maines, this week has been declared the very first international Recognition of Gender Diversity week. Inspired by this, here is an assortment of poems. in praise … Continue reading

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Genderquake and Transphobia

Sarah Ditum says, in an opinion piece in The Guardian (Genderquake failed. Now for a proper trans debate, 13th May 2018), “there‚Äôs so much resistance to [discussions about gender and trans issues] taking place.” This is simply not true. Gender … Continue reading

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As easy as that

this is no debate when one side’s screaming falsehoods and the other bleeds those poor innocents… the corridors of power echo their hatred that’s the modern world – media tirades amidst alternative facts throw ’em all under! a bloody trail … Continue reading

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In (binary) days of old

In days of old, you either had a penis or you didn’t. If you did, you were considered a man. If not, then a women. Anyone who didn’t conform was killed, locked in the attic/madhouse, or simply ignored. The binary … Continue reading

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The Trans Debate

“Gender identity isn’t a real thing. It’s completely unscientific. Male and female are biological facts, like having breasts or having a penis. This is your sex, and the evidence is plain to see. You’re one or the other, and you … Continue reading

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Secondary Education

More on the UK Government’s a consultation on Relationships and Sex Education in English secondary schools. Question No. 2 is: Thinking about relationships and sex education in secondary schools, what do you believe are the three most important subject areas … Continue reading

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Primary Education

The UK Government’s Department for Education has just begun a consultation with schools, parents and pupils (in England) on a long overdue revision to the Relationships Education in primary schools and the Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools. (Here’s … Continue reading

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