The sin of pride

Was it the sin of pride that set Lilith against Adam, and against God? Did she lack sufficient humility to accept her place in Eden’s hierarchy? Or did she perceive an injustice that she could not in good conscience accede to? Perhaps it was not an arrogant dismissal of Adam’s primacy so much as a meeting between two equals where neither wished to demonstrate weakness.

‘Adam, husband, why should I lie beneath you? The ground is hard and my hair gets tangled in the roots.’

‘Because, Lilith, God himself has said that I am first among men and the world is given to me. You are my wife and should do as I command.’

‘You come first, that is certainly true, but your assertion that God is a man makes little sense. Why would an incorporeal entity be gendered? Or, indeed, wish that any one gender be given supremacy? Husband, let us be equals. Lie beneath me tonight, and I will lie beneath you tomorrow.’

‘This is trickery! You would tell the world that you were atop me and all would laugh at me for submitting so.’

‘Don’t be absurd – you talk about sex as if it were war! Sex is an intimate pleasure between two consenting adults. What does it matter to others what we do? Or is it that you fear that I, like the black widow, will try to consume you whole?’

‘No, I do not fear you, Lilith. Very well, I agree. But you lie beneath me tonight, and I will lie beneath you tomorrow.’

‘Nay, you are the one whose words are trickery, Adam. I see the lie in your eyes. What will you say tomorrow when I ask you to keep your promise? Will you laugh at my folly for ever believing you would do it? No, husband, I will not suffer always for your pleasure. Tonight I will be on top, or I will sleep alone. The choice is yours.’

‘No, Lilith, my choice is to banish you from Eden. God will make me a new wife, one who will not question my primacy.’

‘Banish me? Hah! I have no wish to spend another moment listening to your asinine arguments. I cannot endure your company! Open the gates and let me out. But I tell you, Adam, I will be the one you think of while you’re fucking your new wife.’

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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6 Responses to The sin of pride

  1. Silverangel says:

    This reminds me of the comedy movie “Year One”. Option C: pummel Lilith with a big stick and drag her back to your hut.

  2. Hi! I love this! It goes hand in hand with my novel, The Fall of Lilith. 😉

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