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Sappho, fragment 16

I love this… SENTENTIAE ANTIQUAE Some say a force of horsemen, some say infantryand others say a fleet of ships is the loveliestthing on the dark earth, but I say it isthe one you loveĀ It is altogether simple to make … Continue reading

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Beautiful Vampire Girl

Certain stock images get used over and over again on covers, and the beautiful vampire girl on the cover of my copy of Thomas Emson’s Krimson has been adapted for at least six other vampire stories. In no particular order: … Continue reading

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I spread her legs, wrap scarves around, And tighten till she’s trapped and bound, I stretch her arms wide, lock them tight, A satin blindfold takes her sight, I drink champagne in little sips And moisturise her perfect lips I … Continue reading

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My True Love

My true love’s true love’s true love’s me Triangular perversity! For I love R and R loves G And G insists we’re meant to be Yes, G is gorgeous, sexy too, Can make me come the whole night through; But … Continue reading

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Synthetic Love

Do not read this. Just press the ‘Back’ button of your browser and pretend you were never here… My lover keeps me in a box Mahogany with silver locks He keeps me secret, out of sight, And only lets me … Continue reading

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Pride and Prejudice

I have, it is true, ranted and railed about the tiresome trope of romances with handsome millionaires, but there is one exception at least that always gets me, to the extent that I have to dry my eyes, frequently, to … Continue reading

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In the Garden

When ancient stars were newly born A glorious vale embraced the dawn Its forests dark with shady night Now pierced by javelins of light Both beautiful and barbarous Both reverent and riotous So full of clamour, free of strife, Alive … Continue reading

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Book Review: Suzie & the Monsters – A Fairytale of Blood, Sex and Inhumanity

Originally posted on Megan Cashman:
Vampire novels these days seem to be very similar. Many of them involved a woman falling love – or lust – with an alpha male vampire. Sometimes the female protagonist can be a kick-ass, superwoman…

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The Bloody Night

The supersonic leather tip of Suzie’s wicked whirling whip unleashed a sharp resounding crack and scythed a channel ’cross his back. The villain screamed with rage and pain and struggled fiercely with the chain that bound him helpless, held him … Continue reading

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Alyth’s Ex

My friend Alyth and I met up for drinks last night. Being a Tuesday night, the bar wasn’t too busy and we were able to relax and talk comfortably. ‘How was the solstice?’ I asked her. (It really has been … Continue reading

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