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Continue on!

Begone! Beware! Don’t stay! Don’t stare! Don’t look behind – a monster’s there! Turn around and he’ll eat you up Continue on and he wouldn’t dare!

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Fix your price and stand by it

Chris the story reading ape has a post today talking about, amongst other things, ‘free days’ for books: Giveaway or Freebie days are great, lots of books downloaded or given away, then, when the book price returns, nothing moves and … Continue reading

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spring erupts divine pink rose in a fragrant flow dew drops glistening

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Succulent lips

There was a young lady from Reims Who was partial to freshly made cream Her succulent lips Between womanly hips Could induce a delectable stream or, equivalently, etc. But enough of this nonsense…

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Doing three at a time

There was a young lady called Jen Who could never have too many men Doing three at a time She could satisfy nine And complain there was no Number 10. or, equally, you could have: There was a young fellow … Continue reading

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Devilish Rogues

Michael Brookes has started a monthly flash fiction competition on his blog (The Cult Of Me) where a new image is selected each month. It’s good fun – if you want to have a go, here is the July competition. … Continue reading

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Black Narcissus

Something from twelve years ago… I catch sight of her as she emerges from the shower and pause to admire her lean coffee-coloured curves. She is the very essence of vigour, has the grace of a woman who knows herself … Continue reading

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