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the brush of petals on silken lips

The balcony is tolerable, shaded from the sun that screams forty degrees or more onto concrete and bricks. The guests are thirsty and tradition calls for beer. The guests call for beer. ‘Pivo!’ One of those words that every visitor … Continue reading

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A New Bot

“My bot broke last night.” “Again? That’s the third time this year. What’s the damage?” “Her memory’s faulty. Needs to be replaced completely, and her kind of memory isn’t produced any more. It would cost a fortune.” “That sucks. Time … Continue reading

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A Virgin Pure

They made a television series charting Kara’s life With errors and omissions too the plot was truly rife Not once was mention made of her sweet dominatrix wife “It’s full of lies! I’m not like that!” cried Kara yet again … Continue reading

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Silk Over Razor Blades

★★★★★ goodreads Ileandra Young’s website Ileandra Young’s Silk Over Razor Blades, published 2015, is the first in the vampire trilogy Saar’s Legacy. There are two stories being told here, one set in present day Britain, and one in … Continue reading

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My Happily Ever After

Today is the day my life truly began. I mean, I had a life before. A good one. My wife, Catherine, and I were still very much in love after twenty-four years of marriage, and our teenage sons, Richard and … Continue reading

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