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Adventures with Potato Peelers – Guest Post by Freya Pickard

Blogs Dragonscale Clippings Pure Haiku Books (at Amazon) Insides Dragonscale Leggings The Rusalka Ritual & Other Stories The Essence of Thyme Social Media YouTube Patreon LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Google+ Today I’m delighted to have a guest post from Freya Pickard, … Continue reading

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Goddesses of Love, Lust and Liberty

Jacquotte Fox Kline’s new fantasy trilogy Down Deep Inside blends Christian and ancient Greek mythologies, establishing between Heaven and Hell a city-realm in Elysium where Aphrodite rules over a renegade New Order of succubi and incubi. This is a matriarchal … Continue reading

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The City Darkens

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Sophia Martin’s blog Sophia Martin’s The City Darkens, published originally as a six-part serial in 2013, is a well written and gripping read, with excellent world-building full of details of clothing, culture and religion. There is … Continue reading

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Male Leads: Why Gender Stereotypes Limit Readers – Guest Post by Amanda M. Lyons

I have for a long time been obsessing over the ethics and sexuality of vampires (see, for example, Consent). I am delighted to have a guest post today from Amanda M. Lyons, author of the vampire series Shades of Midnight, … Continue reading

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Kariyne’s interview with the vampire Hrana

The advice for travellers passing through Essetta on the way to Oberno is to travel only during the day, and to spend the night in one of many welcoming Halls of the Sun, safe from marauding vampires within a palisade … Continue reading

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The Pyramid Waltz

★★★★☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Barbara Ann Wright’s blog Barbara Ann Wright’s The Pyramid Waltz, published 2012, is an entertaining lesbian romance in a fantasy setting, and does justice to both genres. The structure of the novel is very typical of … Continue reading

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The Warrior’s Path (When Women Were Warriors)

★★★☆☆ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads When Women Were Warriors Catherine M. Wilson’s The Warrior’s Path, published 2008, Part One of When Women Were Warriors, is, on the one hand, well written and intriguing – and, on the other, deeply frustrating. I … Continue reading

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