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The temptations of flesh

He slept alone at night, his door locked from the inside, the shutters anchored firmly to prevent all but the wind from entering. Before surrendering to the warm comfort of his bed, before closing his eyes to sleep, he knelt … Continue reading

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Helpless Lips

See the young ones, eyes so bright The pounding passion of their hearts With energy of love so filled With every kiss so sweet distilled And tapped through my seductive arts Preoccupied with daily needs Their adult world bereft of … Continue reading

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Goddesses of Love, Lust and Liberty

Jacquotte Fox Kline’s new fantasy trilogy Down Deep Inside blends Christian and ancient Greek mythologies, establishing between Heaven and Hell a city-realm in Elysium where Aphrodite rules over a renegade New Order of succubi and incubi. This is a matriarchal … Continue reading

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but who will worship you

‘no matter how you hate me; I will die I will not be forgot! a spirit of the air! but who will worship you?’ she asked, ‘not I ‘though you be the first and only man – and, why, even … Continue reading

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A succubus sat on a rock

A succubus sat on a rock Wearing naught but a short summer frock Singing, ‘All I adore! I’m so wet! Give me more! I am craving sweet pussy and cock!’ Her victims she threw in the sea She cried to … Continue reading

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the night is for dreamers

the succubus comes while you are asleep you cannot deny her, you can’t even try the night is for dreamers and not counting sheep you cannot escape! no matter how deep your slumber is fragile, and danger is nigh the … Continue reading

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accursed dream! you night-spawned mare

accursed dream! you night-spawned mare you stir my loins, confounding rest bewitching me with fragrant air your wanton ways, how do you dare? my heart is pure, I’ll pass your test accursed dream! you night-spawned mare and yet, to see … Continue reading

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Skirting the Truth with Alina X

With Alina X, it’s difficult to know where reality stops and imagination starts. Perhaps she’s only a university researcher with an overactive imagination and a risqué dress sense, but it’s not difficult to believe that she’s a sexual adventuress, or … Continue reading

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Summoning The Succubus – Helen Atreya

★★★☆☆ Helen Atreya’s Summoning The Succubus, published September 2014, is a well written short story blending elements of supernatural horror and paranormal erotica. In fact, it’s written in such a way that you almost wonder if it’s going … Continue reading

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Succubus Bound, or: Shall I compare thee to a Shakespearean sonnet?

With lines of chalk, in blood and semen mixed, They traced a circle, pentagram around, A tripod standing, camera affixed, With runes and signs, a succubus they bound A gorgeous woman stood there in the nude She glared with fury, … Continue reading

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