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Sunrise in Sapphire City

Sunrise over Sapphire City. The City of Love. Women come here from all over the world. They come alone in search of love. Couples come to celebrate their love. During the summer, the gardens and cafés are crowded with them … Continue reading

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poetic passions

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… bloggers disappear fellow voices; unknown friends their words deleted the earth is barren glorious trees uprooted chasms mark the graves poetic passions enraptured intimacy secret and private bisexy school girl captured by a … Continue reading

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Don’t start with me!

There’s a Writing Craft article over at A Writer’s Gallery by Rayne Hall: Tone your writing style: Cut “begin” and “start”. “Begin to” and “start to” are almost always unnecessary. If something happens, you don’t need to tell the reader … Continue reading

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Strong Female Characters and Other Heroines

I have written before about strong female characters (see Female Vampires and Strong Female Characters), but there have been a lot of posts in the past few months complaining about the prevalence of kick-ass heroines in popular culture. There’s nothing … Continue reading

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I Can’t Think Straight (Kindle) (Kindle)goodreads (DVD) (DVD) Shamim Sarif’s I Can’t Think Straight, published 2008, filmed also in 2008, is a delightful romance that’s wonderfully written and full of humour. Leyla is a London girl with Indian ancestry, and Tala is from … Continue reading

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