Vampire Lover Blog Award

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  2. Oh, well, since you insist… Come read my the continuation of the above-linked interview, “At Last-Luke Answers the Rest of the Questions,” which I’m about to post right now, at

  3. hollywood012 says:

    Hi I’m here to ask a question to the vampires out there, I have so many questions but there is one I really need to ask (if you were born a vampire but didn’t know can your abilities show like when your 11 or 12, like what age would your powers show) and I’m sooo sorry but I have to ask this ( will it still hurt) from holly howard

    • Frank says:

      The body changes during adolescence and those changes can be frightening, even without supernatural aspects. Will it still hurt? Discovering you’re not human but rather a predator who preys on humans can be devastatingly lonely – and one way or another, life is always painful.

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