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sweet sensual synergy

My last post for NaPoWriMo. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Supergirl, and I’ve grown rather fond of her. Sexy and serious, playful and passionate, vulnerable and victorious. Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon (six Supergirls and two other)… eyes … Continue reading

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Why India & vampires are such a sexy combo

A short quote from possibly the best vampire movie ever (The Hunger – see My Top Ten … Fantastic Female Vampires and The Hunger – Vampire Music?): Sarah Roberts: What’s that piece you’re playing? Miriam Blaylock: It’s Lakmé by Delibes. … Continue reading

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Batgirl and Supergirl

Batgirl flew across the night A dark and sinister delight Clad in leather; glistening rings Body-armoured; sharp-edged wings In the shadow of her flight Cries of fear – unearthly sight! In mid-air caught by steely blue Flesh to flesh, warm … Continue reading

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An unsought kiss

Her life of aromantic bliss Was shattered by an unsought kiss The gloss of fuchsia kryptonite Instilled confusion and delight That lessened slowly over years The poison washed out by her tears

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The Grandfather Clock

Since I’m hunting through ancient history today, here’s a poem from 2000. ‘Tick-tock,’ said the clock. ‘Up yer bum an’ down yer cock.’ Little legs lifting – one at a time – It waddled along with nary a chime, Just … Continue reading

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And still I ask

Found scribbled on a folder from 10-20 years ago… The sky is blue The earth is brown My princess wears A silver crown She rules the Earth Commands the sky And still I ask The question: Why? She needs an … Continue reading

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Or so the old joke goes

She’s naked underneath her clothes Or so the old joke goes With X-ray vision you could see Her breasts and wriggling toes Her figure-hugging leotard Reveals her detailed shape That’s scarcely (if at all) concealed Beneath her scarlet cape Her … Continue reading

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