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Declaration of True Love

You look beautiful tonight, Dark eyes twinkling, a merry sight, Cascading ringlets of long dark hair Luscious lips I want to kiss – do I stare? – (Perfectly pink, fuchsia, sweet) The tip of your tongue a teasing treat I’ve … Continue reading

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Twice Bitten

R.G. Emanuelle’s Twice Bitten, published 2012, is a lesbian romance with a vampire twist. Fiona, after searching for her one true love for several decades, believes Rose is the one and is determined that Rose will be her eternal companion. … Continue reading

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An Uncomfortable Rhyme

A lady with golden, glorious, silky curls a-glitter with jewels, titanium clips and pearls, her violet eyes with mischievous thoughts are bright, their lingering glances promising such delight, her lyrical voice seductive, so pure, so sweet, with whispering sighs, entreats … Continue reading

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Vampire Nun Orgy

Viciously the ice wind screamed and whipped the wild wood’s ancient trees; malevolently sneaking through, the pernicious lady bat-like flew; innocent sweetness she presented, reverence for a God resented, and entry into the convent gained. None could fight her wily … Continue reading

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Yay! Oh…

Just had one of those ‘Yay! Someone bought my book!’ moments of unadulterated joy, followed swiftly by one of those ‘And returned it…’ moments of tragic disappointment. Alas, poor Suzie.

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Lusty Monotones

‘You’re the one I love.’ ‘Me?’ ‘Yes – and always will.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Just because is why!’ Sigh. ‘Since the day we met,’ ‘Mmm?’ ‘My desire has grown,’ ‘Oh.’ ‘Wild, possessive lust,’ ‘Er…’ ‘Hungry, aching need,’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes? You’ll marry me?’ … Continue reading

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Rhythmic Fun

Lithe. Toned. Tanned. Wet. Citrus. Cherry. Roses. Jasmine. Sensitive. Elegant. Passionate. Radiant. Innocently beautiful, magnificently sexual in a Powerfully feminine, exotically sensual way. Laughing and kissing, caressing so tenderly, Licking our salty-sweet skin so seductively Pressing closer, hands exploring Fingers … Continue reading

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Fatal Fire

Two sharp teeth against my neck trace a pulsing vein Soft cool breath of sweet undeath makes me twist and strain Eyes reflecting candlelight burn with fierce desire This cruel tease hurts inside – passion’s fatal fire Twelve syllables per … Continue reading

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By the horns

Another tedious day of sorting That never-ending flood of mail Demands for ever more reporting Each day another coffin nail Evening comes, I dine alone, Pizza, Coke, apple pie TV blaring, a silent phone, No one listening as I cry … Continue reading

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Interview with a Vampire: What question would you ask?

Blog awards are great, especially for new and aspiring bloggers, since they show that you are appreciated and give you a chance to express your appreciation for others. I’m deeply grateful for the awards I’ve received lately. However, most require … Continue reading

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