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Katherine Howard, Child-Queen

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Josephine Wilkinson’s website Last week I watched the two-part TV series Henry VIII (2003) with Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn (Wife No. 2; decapitated) and Emily Blunt as Anne’s young cousin Katherine Howard (Wife No. … Continue reading

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No More Worlds to Conquer

When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. This fantastic line was spoken by the late, great Alan Rickman in Die Hard, and I know I was not the first … Continue reading

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Wheeling to Perdition – Rescuing Women from the Bicycle

Reading 1896 newspaper articles on the subject of women riding bicycles, the impression is that dissenting voices were few and far between. One of the most outspoken critics was the Woman’s Rescue League. In Raising More Hell and Fewer Dahlias: … Continue reading

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Whence illyrium? – and other historical matters

When writing historical fiction, it is important to write for the modern reader and yet equally important to remember that language, environment and culture were very different in the past. Anachronisms both deliberate and accidental are likely to distract the … Continue reading

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Writing Reality

When writing a novel, especially one set in – or nearly in – the real world, there is a point when Just Writing is no longer possible. All those little details you can skirt around in a short story suddenly … Continue reading

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Vampyres and Lesbians and Lesbian Queens

Last week in Edinburgh, Suzie gave me an early birthday present of Emma Donoghue’s book Passions Between Women: British Lesbian Culture 1668-1801 (first published 1993). Inside the book, written in Suzie’s precise Italic script, is the note: Isn’t it curious … Continue reading

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Vampire Lovers: Suzie and Cleo

The 2013 Edinburgh Fringe started this past Friday. I love Edinburgh, it’s the city where I grew up, and I rarely get a chance to visit it, despite living within a couple of hours’ drive. Today I met Suzie and … Continue reading

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Twice Bitten

R.G. Emanuelle’s Twice Bitten, published 2012, is a lesbian romance with a vampire twist. Fiona, after searching for her one true love for several decades, believes Rose is the one and is determined that Rose will be her eternal companion. … Continue reading

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Oxford Blood

Georgiana Derwent’s Oxford Blood, published October 2012, is the first book in The Cavaliers, a trilogy about an elite society of vampires based at Oxford University. The story of Harriet, the main character, is loosely based on the author’s time … Continue reading

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Vampire novels give the author an opportunity to explore themes of immortality by spanning time, placing the character(s) into various historical contexts. As such, vampire novels can stray deep into historical fiction territory. I really enjoyed Blood and Ice, for … Continue reading

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