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Dressed in tender flesh

My sister was telling me about a poet she listened to at a live event. The poet said she would speed-read a book and pick out words at random, and then work the words into a poem. I don’t wish … Continue reading

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The caesium of my love

I have a remote control with which the caesium of my love may be tinkered Between this moment and the next I could stop her heart an eternity of love compressed Or I could make it race like steam through … Continue reading

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Lesbian Succubus Diary & other steamy stuff

For anyone who loves my poetry and short stories so much they want to take them on holiday and show them the world (you never know), here is the latest collection of my eccentric creations. Get it from Amazongoodreads A … Continue reading

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The Vampire in the Clock Tower

The wind screamed in her ears as she fought through its invisible violence, and not for the first time she cursed the dress that furled and billowed like a great sail no matter how tightly she pulled it in. The … Continue reading

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ahh, to drown in the blood of a nectarine

on all who have ears I lavish wisdom – Harken! what a fool I am… Heavenly Matters to see the future is to know all creation and make something new four billion years it took me to make this world … Continue reading

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Achievement makes them bold

Illyrium is bright in glass invisible elsewhere it feels like steam against the skin like static in the hair but isolate it in the lab you’ll prove that it’s not there The academics scowl and scorn declare that it’s a … Continue reading

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Break her open

Break her open, see her run Innards gleaming in the sun Shafts and spindles, cogs and gears Leaking valves producing tears Horns and whistles screaming loud Cranks and pistons working proud Oil and grease to smooth the way Brass tubes … Continue reading

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