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I learned calculus on my knees, summing kisses to infinity as I explored the areas under her curves. I was sin to her cos as we coiled forever, one about the other, two bodies in orbital motion whispering tangents in … Continue reading

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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

★★★★★ goodreads Holly Black’s Website It’s a long time since a vampire book caught my eye. It’s difficult these days to find genre novels that are well written, thoughtful and original. Even rarer to find a YA-category novel … Continue reading

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This is Devin Jones

★★★★☆ goodreads Kristen Conrad’s Website Kristen Conrad’s This is Devin Jones, published 2016, has many parallels with Die Hard, the plot centering on a hostage scenario where an out-of-jurisdiction cop must take out the bad guys and save … Continue reading

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Genderquake and Transphobia

Sarah Ditum says, in an opinion piece in The Guardian (Genderquake failed. Now for a proper trans debate, 13th May 2018), “there’s so much resistance to [discussions about gender and trans issues] taking place.” This is simply not true. Gender … Continue reading

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the moon slips away… imagine our once-forests unshot with silver thundering stars bright alexis rides pegasus in pursuit of love rage to celebrate! how red that murderous eye that glares so constant

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