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sweet, hypnotic evidence of life beneath sheets

duplicated stars – unempty space bends each angel feather fashioned from the Light of God darkens Going Commando going commando – better than soldiering on, knickers in a twist playing with letters: midwife is conditional, the ‘we’ discarded the sky’s … Continue reading

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Whence illyrium? – and other historical matters

When writing historical fiction, it is important to write for the modern reader and yet equally important to remember that language, environment and culture were very different in the past. Anachronisms both deliberate and accidental are likely to distract the … Continue reading

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spectres of illyrium

devils dance on the sands at night in moonless dark their revels bright poisonous illumined breath seductive silent call to death wind-roused wisps in a whisp’ring play ephemeral like woodland fae spectres of illyrium in unconfined delirium

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Every wheel, spring, and lever

I’m learning about Victorian London, having in mind to write a steampunk novel. How perfect is this: The human body, materially considered, is a beautiful piece of mechanism, consisting of many parts, each one being the centre of a system, … Continue reading

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Writing Reality

When writing a novel, especially one set in – or nearly in – the real world, there is a point when Just Writing is no longer possible. All those little details you can skirt around in a short story suddenly … Continue reading

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A brief history of me, or: Watch out for them lesbian vampires!

It has been an interesting few years for me. In 2011, I dusted off my epic fantasy Kings of Infinite Space, which had sat on my shelf neglected for eleven years, and self-published it through KDP. (My 2013 novella, Hrana, … Continue reading

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An Exercise In Pointless Stupidity

I have a little black book with my poems in – a deliberate choice in reference to Pink Floyd. These are my poems as a teenager. Mostly love poems. This one isn’t a love poem, however. It’s pure daft nonsense … Continue reading

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Theological Fiends

Originally posted on Steve A. Wiggins:
Vampires are among the most theological of monsters. Not that I’m a theologian, but I sometimes read those who are. Although zombies and vampires rival one another for the ascendent monster of the moment,…

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