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Midnight in Sapphire City

This follows on from Sunset in Sapphire City. * The moon is bright tonight, the sky cloudless, and being only March there’s a definite chill in the air, softened by the warmth of the room behind us. This balcony looks … Continue reading

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Kariyne’s interview with the vampire Hrana

The advice for travellers passing through Essetta on the way to Oberno is to travel only during the day, and to spend the night in one of many welcoming Halls of the Sun, safe from marauding vampires within a palisade … Continue reading

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Interviewing Vampires

Following her guest post here recently (Why India & vampires are such a sexy combo), I pointed M.P. Sharma in the direction of the Vampire Love Blog Award. The result is a very entertaining interview with her evil ultra-sexy vampire … Continue reading

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Alyth’s Ex

My friend Alyth and I met up for drinks last night. Being a Tuesday night, the bar wasn’t too busy and we were able to relax and talk comfortably. ‘How was the solstice?’ I asked her. (It really has been … Continue reading

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Vampire Lovers: Suzie and Cleo

The 2013 Edinburgh Fringe started this past Friday. I love Edinburgh, it’s the city where I grew up, and I rarely get a chance to visit it, despite living within a couple of hours’ drive. Today I met Suzie and … Continue reading

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Vampire Lovers Unite!

Recently I accepted the Liebster and Very Inspiring blog awards (see More Award Fun) but deferred nominating other blogs to receive them. I have also recently been putting together a completely new award: Vampire Lover Blog Award. So, I am … Continue reading

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28 Questions Later

I’ve had fifteen people respond so far to my request for questions for the Vampire Lover Blog Award, and between us we’ve amassed 28 questions. You can see them over at the site I’ve created: http://vampireloverblogaward.wordpress.com/about/ I plan to leave … Continue reading

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Interview with a Vampire: What question would you ask?

Blog awards are great, especially for new and aspiring bloggers, since they show that you are appreciated and give you a chance to express your appreciation for others. I’m deeply grateful for the awards I’ve received lately. However, most require … Continue reading

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