Welcome to my WordPress.com homepage and blog.

I was born in England, grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and live now in Newcastle upon Tyne with my beautiful wife and daughter. I feel Scottish but can’t claim to be so. My claim to Englishness is not very certain either… So I am both, and I am neither.

I have written and self-published (on Amazon for Kindle) two novels, a short novella, and a collection of short stories and poems; I have two short stories in charity anthologies.

I enjoy writing, and I am interested in unusual human nature, such as non-binary gender and sexuality, or the interplay of dark and light in the transformation of human to vampire.

Me with a python round my neck.

Critics can be fierce!

Want to know even more? Here are some interviews with me that other bloggers have kindly given:

This blog started out last September on goodreads as a place for me to discuss my books and other subjects of interest to me. At the start of November, having become rather frustrated with the limited flexibility of the goodreads blog, I copied everything over to WordPress.com and started exploring other blogs.

My blog, despite its vampiric subtitle, has a number of themes:

  1. My novels, etc. – of course.
  2. Popular tropes – especially romantic, sexual and superhero – in vampire fiction.
  3. Reviews and discussion of vampire fiction.
  4. Reviews of erotic poetry.
  5. My poems.
  6. My short stories.
  7. Iphigenia.

I think most of my followers are more interested in my poems and poetry reviews than in anything else. There are a few people with an interest in vampires, and a few with an interest in the reviews of F/F erotica and discussion of sexuality tropes. I don’t know whether anyone cares about Iphigenia…


My Top Ten … Most Viewed (newer posts)

Hardcore Lesbian Pornstars
You know, this is funny. My most-viewed post is probably my least-read post. Which is a shame, because it’s a story both sweet and sexy.
The people who might actually enjoy this are probably put off by the title, imagining that they will find lots of images of generally offensive and disturbingly graphic lesbian sex. The people who do actually visit the page are probably doing so for exactly the same reason – and are almost certainly disappointed with what they find.
My Top Ten … Modern Vampire Novels
This gets a fairly steady stream of views, maybe 2-3 each week on average, and it’s interesting to see which links people follow (usually the links to other people’s lists of vampire books). It also got a few mentions on Twitter and Facebook, which really boosted the views initially.
Free Vampire!
A combination of a catchy title, the promise of free stuff, and a mention on Facebook (this post on What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey, I think).
Red Stilettos
A post about stilettos, particularly red stilettos, and ending with a review of Xia Devore’s From Pink Bows To Red Stilettos. This received a huge number of hits in a very short space of time after Xia notified her fans of it. It still gets one or two posts trickling in now, but perhaps these are general curiosity. After all, who doesn’t love red stilettos?
The Female Vampire
This was a very important post for me – I spent a long time putting it together. It’s nice to see it getting an occasional view, and sometimes a link or two being followed.
First Person, Present Tense and POV
This is a long article talking about writing. There are many other articles out there with people talking on the same subject, of course, but this gets an occasional view.
Blood, Sex and Inhumanity
This is another one of those posts that I think gets attention for the wrong reasons. The title refers to the title of my novel Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and inhumanity… but I think most random views are picking up the inhumanity and looking for something else.
Interview With Two Sexy Vampires
This was fun to write. I find most character interviews to be tediously dull, and I had no real intention of doing one. One concern is the question of when the interview takes place. Is it after the events of the novel (uh, oh – spoilers)? Before (additional backstory)? During (er…)?
But then the idea of doing an interview with my two main characters chattering away in a fun, sexy way, on subjects that had nothing to do with the novel itself… well, that could be kinda fun, and I think the result is well worth the major spoiler.
More Free Vampires!
Once again the catchy title and promise of free stuff.
Brandy Nacole – Uniquely Unwelcome
It’s nice to see my only guest post so far has managed to make this list.



My Top Ten … Most Viewed (older posts)

Romantic and Sexual Orientations
Homosexuality is merely the first step into a wide spectrum of possible sexual orientations, and romantic orientation doesn’t necessarily match.
Hymen Enraged
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the hymen is a partial barrier somewhere, you know, up there, that, er, must be broken when the woman loses her &c.
The Inevitability Of Evil
This is just a short post, but I think the title is luring people in for a peek.
Toothless Vampires
Definitely the title… What, no fangs? Or just no real bite?
The Romantic Spellchecker
I have no idea what brings people to this post, but I’m glad they come.
Bisexual Vampire Stalks London Town!
Catchy ‘bisexual’ title. Links to YouTube videos – come and watch!
The Bisexual Question
Catchy ‘bisexual’ title again. This is one of a series of posts looking at sexuality tropes in vampire fiction.
The Hunger – Vampire Music?
There’s a lot of beautiful music in The Hunger – I can’t be the only person wondering what it all is.
Iphigenia at Brauron
Given the apparent lack of interest in my other Iphigenia posts, I’d love to know why this one pulls in the views.
Tired of all the sex?
Gotta love that title… But haven’t you ever found yourself skimming the sex scenes so you can get back to the story?
Cosmic Vampires
Sex, superheroes and vampires… Read all about it!


14 Responses to About

  1. beckyday6 says:

    Ahhfjgffff! Your picture scared me, I have snake phobia! :S Apart from that hi, nice to meet you. πŸ™‚

    • Frank says:

      My daughter refused to go anywhere near the snakes until I wrapped it around me (and the snake really took to me – must have been the warmth) and then she approached close enough almost to touch.

  2. Noora says:

    Hi Frank! Thank you for being my 100 th follower! I look forward to your posts.

  3. Anneque G. Malchien says:

    Aw, I love snakes. :3 I’ll have to read some of your stuff. I was a little frightened of vampire lesbians at first, now curious. XD I’m sure there’s much more to it than that. I look forward to it either way.

  4. Alice says:

    Poor Iphigenia. Story of her life, not knowing who really cares about her. And she deserved to be loved so much better than she was, especially by her father…

    I have always been partial to Cassandra’s story, myself. Not that she was ever any happier–howling out warnings to a world that only patted her on the head and called her mad–but I find retellings of her story deeply compelling.

    • Frank says:

      Iphigenia’s story is interesting and arguably heroic. Cassandra, alas, had a very cruel fate and I always grieve for her. (I do find it amusingly absurd that Boccaccio abducted them from mythology and gave them identical fates in The Decameron.)

      Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  5. Ohhhhh I LOVE SNAKES! (*-*) I have never in my life touch one but OMG!
    I have to say we share a few things that I will list down bellow:
    1) Snake lover
    2) Erzebet BΓ‘thory (*her eyes sparkle thinking of her*)
    3) Vampire lover
    4) Erotic writer
    5) Lesbian are misinterpreted but they rock
    I always wanted to be a writer and always spend my time in class writing sex scenes and romantic scenes or erotic teasing scenes instead of paying attention but never follow that path of a writer because my parents dump my dream when I was younger. Now I have pick it back up and I’m going after it. I want to be a publish author in the romantic and erotic genre possibly.
    I stumble with your blog and I stay. I love it now and I have to say I want more of it (*-*)

    • Frank says:

      That python loved me, or at least my body heat. It wrapped itself around me so quickly and easily, and its muscular strength was unmistakable. Snakes are fascinating and terrifying.

      The more you write, the more it absorbs your thoughts and makes you want to write. It never really leaves you. And the idea of not writing becomes a very difficult one. Non-writers don’t understand this – and since writing isn’t a reliable source of income most people won’t support it. Although, if you can write traditional romance in either M/F or M/M, there is a huge readership to tap into.

      Erotic writing gets even less support, because so many people want to associate it with immorality, but it is increasingly mainstream, and I do feel that sex and sexiness should be fun and natural.

  6. Great picture. Look at the big smile on your face! I’d be right in there too. πŸ™‚

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