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Bright words of evergreen has just wished me a Happy Anniversary. We’ve been together for four years now. No doubt in another three I’ll get itchy fingers and start flirting with younger blogging sites… A maid drew me hither untouched by man Through … Continue reading

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Windows dark as blackest night

High the turrets proudly spear the burning twilight sky Embers of a falling sun beyond the castle lie Windows dark as blackest night upon the forest spy Swift like shadows silent shapes through branches fly and fall Raging hoofbeats pound … Continue reading

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Silk Over Razor Blades

★★★★★ goodreads Ileandra Young’s website Ileandra Young’s Silk Over Razor Blades, published 2015, is the first in the vampire trilogy Saar’s Legacy. There are two stories being told here, one set in present day Britain, and one in … Continue reading

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Where is my love?

Where is my love, she’s lost, she’s lost her way along the shadowed way Where is her candle, once so bright it dimmed the sun at height of day Where is the earth she treads, she treads so soft, her … Continue reading

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A four year anniversary for two sexy vampires

Amazon It is almost exactly four years since Suzie met Cleo in a London nightclub, and to mark that anniversary I have, for one week, dropped the price of Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and … Continue reading

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Alyth enchanted

The doorbell pulled me back from the edge of sleep, the equations and calculations beneath my cruel red pen long reduced to an incomprehensible haze of scribbles. I peered at the clock, praying that no one else would be roused … Continue reading

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Accursed Lust

Freya Pickard has invented a poetic structure she calls Freyan Verse: Freyan Verse consists of 5 stanzas, each containing 7 lines. The seventh line of verses two and four overlap with line one of verses three and five. … Lines … Continue reading

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