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A Virgin Pure

They made a television series charting Kara’s life With errors and omissions too the plot was truly rife Not once was mention made of her sweet dominatrix wife “It’s full of lies! I’m not like that!” cried Kara yet again … Continue reading

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Elusive Radiance

★★★★★ Pride Publishing Aidee Ladnier’s blog Goodreads Amazon Kobo iBooks Barnes and Noble Aidee Ladnier had a lovely guest post on this blog last month (Why I Love Science Fiction Romance) and I was curious enough to pick up her … Continue reading

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Why I Love Science Fiction Romance – Guest post by Aidee Ladnier

By consensus, most readers agree that the modern genre of science fiction was created by Mary Shelley. She wrote her oeuvre Frankenstein about a scientist creating life in his lab… and the world changed. Writers became dreamers, looking to the … Continue reading

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Codename: Night Witch (The Girls From Alcyone)

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Cary Caffrey’s blog Cary Caffrey’s Codename: Night Witch, published 2015, continues the very enjoyable space opera that started with The Girls From Alcyone and continued with The Machines of Bellatrix. Arguably, Codename: Night Witch, is the … Continue reading

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Alyth enchanted

The doorbell pulled me back from the edge of sleep, the equations and calculations beneath my cruel red pen long reduced to an incomprehensible haze of scribbles. I peered at the clock, praying that no one else would be roused … Continue reading

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this femininity I do detest

on you, my love, this body is the best I worship every curl and curve! on me this femininity I do detest this body swap, I swear, was just a jest alas, the joke’s on me! it’s destiny on you, … Continue reading

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Dressing as a Man

‘Merry Christmas!’ Kara said and kissed her Mistress X ‘Another year together now a year of love complex of passion wild and unrestrained of hot and kinky sex ‘You make me want to misbehave to be a dirty girl to … Continue reading

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