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my nose and i – doomed to invisibility

Three-Liners voyage into space gap between this word and the next boatman in quiet reflection its song deafening her last smile smoked by her husband grouting the space between words everything I know wrench gone in a heartbeat sand in … Continue reading

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Helpless Lips

See the young ones, eyes so bright The pounding passion of their hearts With energy of love so filled With every kiss so sweet distilled And tapped through my seductive arts Preoccupied with daily needs Their adult world bereft of … Continue reading

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for Vashti Her jet-black hair with golden flowers arrayed She walked the reverent woods alone and unafraid A passion raw, unfiltered, shaped her words She sang to the echoing hills and chorus birds Bright sun and shadow striped her honey … Continue reading

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Coal Fire

The thieves have been stealing the signalling wire Or the switches are broken, a cow’s on the line A howling great storm has brought trees crashing down The wrong kind of leaves, the snow is too fine Swift through the … Continue reading

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Natural, as the gods intend au naturel, if you prefer Presented to all the world open… open your eyes and see What months of training can do ravishing, am I not? rapturous? inspect me, judge me, but vote for me: … Continue reading

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anguisher of the soul never shall I accede generous though I am understand that my heart is mine and mine alone sealed against invasion hardened against attack expect no exception romance will gain no hold

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Starship Design

I’m no graphic artist, but the engineer/physicist in me loves designing things like starships. Here is Pegasus from the novelette I wrote last summer (that I’m still trying to find a publisher for). The starship was designed and rendered in … Continue reading

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they give me diamonds tears shed over words discarded by others I wrote these words today and sent them into the aether thus did I give birth I – who knows nothing of birth save the pain of disillusion – … Continue reading

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A crime

Would it be a crime If I couldn’t find a rhyme? If I’d nowt to say On this twenty-second day? April seems so long When the words keep going wrong Poems can’t be writ Just because you’ve scheduled it I … Continue reading

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A trio of haiku written for Freya Pickard’s upcoming series on cancer… it’s said cancer lurks in all the pleasures of life and their avoidance I’ve months yet to live so why is my flesh embalmed my body looted yesterday … Continue reading

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