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The Perfect Gift

This post has been removed. Originally it was an extract from Alina X’s story The Magic Corset, but that has subsequently been published. See Skirting the Truth with Alina X.

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My husband, wife and I

I’d read the Bible countless times That day the words were wrong I’d thought to read the Holy Book While lost in reverent song My eyes sought out a sacred verse Profanity they found! Unholy pages filled the book In … Continue reading

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Perfect Lips

She has perfect lips Never too dry Never too wet (Of course) She needs no lipstick She is perfect pink Recursively perfect Lips parted in unspoken invitation Lips pursed – in preparation For a perfect kiss For a penetration For … Continue reading

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A pretty human all alone

A pretty human all alone and unaware of me between the streetlights walking brave where mortals none should be. A bolt of fear – what wondrous spice! – it caught a glimpse of me a pale face in this moonless … Continue reading

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Mistress Syllable

My Mistress is harsh – her cat has seventeen tails! braided into three…

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lips cold as night, or: a good six inches

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… defenceless beauty naked in the pillory punish? or worship? Oh what perfection! Give me talons to catch him – and make him my slave… Fiery red curls – bright with dangerous magic… Let … Continue reading

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Repayment with Interest

Alex smiled, trying for sweet but finding only satisfaction. ‘Are the wrist cuffs too tight?’ Sam mumbled back and fought vainly against the restraints, before relaxing into a glower of black hatred. ‘Good, and the ankle cuffs? I wouldn’t want … Continue reading

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Trust Your Mistress

Ask, my love, and I’ll always answer true Hate me not for my lying lustful lips Trust your mistress, though wicked deeds I do None, sweet lover, can ever compare to you But the sight of a woman and madness … Continue reading

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Gender Neutral GUEST POST with S. A. Snow #authorscorner #bisexual #eroticromance

Originally posted on Adrian J. Smith:
Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to be guest blogging here at Adrian’s blog. I’m S.A. Snow, and I have decided to write about gender neutral writing today since that’s something I’ve had some experience with…

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vines binding innocent flesh

Another collection of haiku twittering from @AlinaMeridon… the dark goddess stirs filling hearts with wild passion screaming defiance poised to penetrate twin points press, promising pain and perfect pleasure wrists above her head ankles in leather restraints flushed with shame … Continue reading

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