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Her second kill

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, here’s the short story I wrote recently for the writing challenge on Adrianna Joleigh and David Kent’s new blog (Writer’s Gallery). * The pain surprised her, she had thought it would hurt less this time. … Continue reading

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Gender neutral?

Having bemused y’all for a few days with gender-neutral pronouns… My suggestion was to use thi with a soft th (like the first syllable of theatre) and thir again with a soft th (like the first syllable of thirty) – … Continue reading

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Idle Twittering

WordPress has been tweeting my blog posts for a while now, mostly only because I like the way Amazon’s author page displays your latest tweet. For the past few days, I’ve been actively tweeting – gosh – just a haiku … Continue reading

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At night θi lies in labyrinthine loving Python to θir south Such thrilling teeth, such breathy roving, Her most methodic mouth… A theatre of lust! Of faith and mirth! Panther to θir north His lethal length – such depth! – … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Gallery

Adrianna Joleigh and David Kent recently set up a new blog (Writer’s Gallery) and issued a writing challenge that I took part in. Challenge: 500 words or less, based on the following prompt (there was a alternative prompt also): The … Continue reading

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More gender neutral experimentation

Okay, so yesterday’s experiment with a new gender neutral pronoun (qi/qir) wasn’t a success. I quite like ze/hir (see, e.g., Love at first unsight), but the ze can be problematic and intrusive (see The Need for a Gender-Neutral Pronoun). The … Continue reading

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My love’s fair hair enwrapt with flowers, garlanded, sweet colours bright, qir rapturous eyes I’ll watch for hours in hope qi’ll smile and say I might be one qi loves – or tolerates – enough qi will qir charms expose… … Continue reading

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Our Cosmonauts Are Dying

Anneque G. Malchien’s Our Cosmonauts Are Dying, published 2013, is a short story with astonishing depth. Once I started, I didn’t want to put it down, and it’s a long time now since I found a story like that. It’s … Continue reading

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While I’m Asleep

My lover comes while I’m asleep I drifted off while counting sheep He slowly lifts away the sheet Lays gentle kisses on my feet The camera records it all His confident-yet-cautious crawl Between my legs – he spreads them wide … Continue reading

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The Starry Mind of Barbara G. Tarn

Last week I posted a review of Niall Teasdale’s Steel Beneath the Skin with the bisexy cyborg Aneka Jansen. This week I encountered another bisexy cyborg in Barbara G. Tarn’s Women – which has the most fantastic cover ever! Er, … Continue reading

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