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That which we call a sexbot

Sexbot. Fembot. Gynoid. What’s the difference? Aren’t fembots just sexbots with nipple guns? And gynoid sounds like a disease of the testicles… Limiting the discussion to mechanical robots of humanoid appearance, excluding therefore sex-robots (see Disgusting – Sexbots? Or humans?) … Continue reading

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Love Spells and Immunity

My last post was prompted by a new novelette by Madeline Kelly, Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses, which is a romance between Aphrodite and Artemis. (I have only read the beginning and this is not a review.) I … Continue reading

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Swords, Slayers and other Wanderers

I have just finished Freya Pickard’s Dragonscale Leggings, an entertaining tale of a woman from our world waking up one day in an alternative reality as a dragon slayer with amnesia. Written as a journal, there is humour and imagination, … Continue reading

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Too Much Too Fast – Supergirl’s Intransigence and Illogic

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Supergirl – or, at least, of my own interpretations of her. I know little of her from the comic books, and mostly my concept of her is derived from the … Continue reading

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We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht)

★★★★☆IMDbAmazon.co.uk We Are The Night (Wir sind die Nacht), a German film from 2010, is a very modern take on a very traditional vampire tale. A brief summary: Lena is pursued and bitten by Louise, a beautiful, wealthy and dangerous … Continue reading

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Write the book you want to read

If I’ve been cruel to Georgiana Derwent over the past two years, it’s because The Cavaliers had the potential to be something truly remarkable. Despite my bitching, and often a severe lack of time to read, I have enjoyed this … Continue reading

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The Bisexual Question

In erotica, it’s fairly common for women to be bisexual, and also (but to a far lesser extent) men too. In love stories, however, bisexuality is not seen as a positive, and is seen almost as a threat. Worse, bisexuality … Continue reading

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