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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

★★★★★ Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk goodreads Holly Black’s Website It’s a long time since a vampire book caught my eye. It’s difficult these days to find genre novels that are well written, thoughtful and original. Even rarer to find a YA-category novel … Continue reading

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cold flesh on hot – how the forest burns

Humour pi quarters infinite trail of s.team… from the missing piece the hoops I jump through to avoid exercise… grammar’s a liar she lies in bed comma-toes what big teeth she has! but for a teddy bare Miscellaneous crush – … Continue reading

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Where is my love?

Where is my love, she’s lost, she’s lost her way along the shadowed way Where is her candle, once so bright it dimmed the sun at height of day Where is the earth she treads, she treads so soft, her … Continue reading

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blood-whetted lips – many snatches bandered

Tanka / Kyōka an old man in grey sword and staff in weary hands falling to his doom a creature twisted by hate triumphant and graced with gold odysseus loved no one so much as himself a stallion man! in … Continue reading

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Alyth enchanted

The doorbell pulled me back from the edge of sleep, the equations and calculations beneath my cruel red pen long reduced to an incomprehensible haze of scribbles. I peered at the clock, praying that no one else would be roused … Continue reading

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apple lips – I bathe in silver

Heels & Lingerie rhinestoned dancing shoes oft make lasting impressions on too eager laps my stiletto heels elegant curves, high platforms are not worn by me courtesans ablaze gracing water in chopines while the city sinks my verse corseted resonant … Continue reading

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Lesbian Succubus Diary & other steamy stuff

For anyone who loves my poetry and short stories so much they want to take them on holiday and show them the world (you never know), here is the latest collection of my eccentric creations. Get it from Amazongoodreads A … Continue reading

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soaking up the bitter lemon

Winter & Christmas a few syllables to mark end and beginning… Happy New Year all! sky black and star-bright woods thick with fine-traced shadows haunt the icy moon Christmas is coming… tell me, goose, why settle for orthodox pleasures? a … Continue reading

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Haiku Nookie 2014

In March 2014 I joined a community called Haiku Nook where many very talented poets share and discuss haiku. I want to make a record of the 200+ haiku I’ve so far shared mostly only in that community (from laziness … Continue reading

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Three Free Fantastic Female Vampires

Free on Amazon for Kindle October 1st-5th 2014 Hrana (Excerpt from Kings of Infinite Space) OhLo, home to many sentient species, is a world of wizardry where technology is forbidden by the dragons. When Hrana, a young priestess of the … Continue reading

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