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blood-whetted lips – many snatches bandered

Tanka / Kyōka an old man in grey sword and staff in weary hands falling to his doom a creature twisted by hate triumphant and graced with gold odysseus loved no one so much as himself a stallion man! in … Continue reading

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Yanty’s Butterfly

I am truly honoured to be a contributor to this anthology from the Haiku Nook community. Yanty’s Butterfly Paperback LuluAmazonGoogle Yanty’s Butterfly is an international haiku anthology dedicated to Yanty Tjiam and her family. Yanty was a haiku poet who … Continue reading

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Codename: Night Witch (The Girls From Alcyone)

★★★★★ goodreads Cary Caffrey’s blog Cary Caffrey’s Codename: Night Witch, published 2015, continues the very enjoyable space opera that started with The Girls From Alcyone and continued with The Machines of Bellatrix. Arguably, Codename: Night Witch, is the … Continue reading

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Bathed in beauty

People like to talk about God as if they understand ‘Him’. They talk about infinity and eternity as if the human mind can encompass such concepts. Yet even our humble and finite, magnificent little star dwarfs the deities of human … Continue reading

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Evidence of pain

in solitude she weathered the rain she blessed it, the evidence of pain washed from her cheeks, the tumult a flood that drowned the whimpering night in mud cliffs of glass and solid brick stood calm impassive, no sign of … Continue reading

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The worm turns

A dark-eyed, black-garbed Mistress X Her careful plan enacted Kryptonian crystals at her ears Kept watchers all distracted Past cameras she walked unseen By sensors undetected Advanced computer firewalls She broke through unsuspected The government’s encryption schemes Were easily defeated … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Aromance

Nat and Sam meet one evening at a couples’ dinner party, and to the delight of the hosts they form a firm and immediate friendship. Gossip around the table turns quickly to plans for marriage and an end to the … Continue reading

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One lover gone

I wake to find one lover gone he works hard day and night the other’s sleeping by my side a most disheveled sight I kiss her gently on the cheek I’ve work to do as well Though fast asleep she … Continue reading

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A four year anniversary for two sexy vampires

Amazon It is almost exactly four years since Suzie met Cleo in a London nightclub, and to mark that anniversary I have, for one week, dropped the price of Suzie and the Monsters – a fairytale of blood, sex and … Continue reading

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Kill me, Supergirl

such a scream it was, it tore the air and brave souls scurried away in fear no cry for help this, but of despair of horror, all trembled that could hear even she, who laughed at mortal fears woke shivering … Continue reading

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