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Romantic Love

“Why do people prioritise romantic love,” I often see aromantic people ask, “as if all other forms of love are inferior?” As if romantic love were ever a plain choice and not a sledgehammer of narcotics and stimulants triggered by … Continue reading

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Love Spells and Immunity

My last post was prompted by a new novelette by Madeline Kelly, Olympic Hearts: a tale of two goddesses, which is a romance between Aphrodite and Artemis. (I have only read the beginning and this is not a review.) I … Continue reading

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Aphrodite’s Loves

How could I not love Hephaestus? The singular passion of his love for me is a light that can never be extinguished. Even the goddess of love has need to be loved, and my husband’s divine heart is a wellspring … Continue reading

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How do I love thee?

How do I love thee? Like a baffled nerd Alone in my bed, uncaring, undressed All without ever leaving my nest Like a newborn chirping hungry bird This question you ask is really absurd I’ve always imagined it simply a … Continue reading

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Do not speak to me of love

A poem for yesterday… Do not speak to me of love Your wild passion and jealous rage Are mere limerence and obsession Not fate ordained by God above But a play put on the marriage stage Called “Power and Possession”

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One lover gone

I wake to find one lover gone he works hard day and night the other’s sleeping by my side a most disheveled sight I kiss her gently on the cheek I’ve work to do as well Though fast asleep she … Continue reading

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on the ramparts of beauty – dreams of bland perfection

Helen & Iphigenia Aphrodite won for romance defies logic when goddesses war once I saw Helen on the ramparts of beauty besieged on all sides Helen was pretext it was lust for gold that killed Iphigenia to a hero wed … Continue reading

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