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An Aromantic Giveaway – I Like It Hard

My new novelette, I Like It Hard, has an official release date (8th June), and the publisher Less Than Three Press is running a giveaway on goodreads. Here is the blurb: goodreadsPREORDER from LT3 After her brother Dan loses in … Continue reading

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A Midsummer Night’s Aromance

Nat and Sam meet one evening at a couples’ dinner party, and to the delight of the hosts they form a firm and immediate friendship. Gossip around the table turns quickly to plans for marriage and an end to the … Continue reading

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Six-Bit Greyscale

Andy Tin, a sweet but clumsy IT support guy whose knowledge of women has been gleaned from too many hours of Tomb Raider, is summoned one day to fix Grace Christiansen’s personal laptop. Grace is a young, beautiful, high-flying executive, … Continue reading

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Alex and Zero vs the Bi

There’s a new girl in school, and she’s trouble. Bitsy’s impossible beauty and perfectly proportioned body soon have everyone either lusting after her or hating her, or both. And both is what she wants. One by one the boys fall … Continue reading

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City-boy Beau is sent to live with his mother in the isolated town of Razor Edge Falls where there is literally nothing to do except go to school. Expecting to be surrounded by spectacularly unattractive and tediously uncultured locals, Beau … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Curious Slave-Girl

Here’s a bit of fun, and something you can try for yourself. The Erotica Generator will create a blurb for an erotic BDSM story for you. Here’s one I did for my series The Slave-Girl and the Vampire. (I really … Continue reading

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The Frying Pan of Fate

I want to share a couple of links. First up, an unusual and very entertaining fairytale: The Beautiful Mermaid. Second – entirely unrelated – a post by Dianne Harman: Eight Deal Breaker Words on a Book Blurb. Writing a blurb … Continue reading

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