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ahh, to drown in the blood of a nectarine

on all who have ears I lavish wisdom – Harken! what a fool I am… Heavenly Matters to see the future is to know all creation and make something new four billion years it took me to make this world … Continue reading

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Achievement makes them bold

Illyrium is bright in glass invisible elsewhere it feels like steam against the skin like static in the hair but isolate it in the lab you’ll prove that it’s not there The academics scowl and scorn declare that it’s a … Continue reading

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Break her open

Break her open, see her run Innards gleaming in the sun Shafts and spindles, cogs and gears Leaking valves producing tears Horns and whistles screaming loud Cranks and pistons working proud Oil and grease to smooth the way Brass tubes … Continue reading

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The Three Crowns of Sendahir

In the distant land of Sendahir, where the sun is fiercely hot and people have darker skin than ours, a king and queen ruled during a time of peace and plenty. And yet, they were unhappy, because although the high … Continue reading

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Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack

Sharp the black whip’s sneering crack Deep the wounds that scarred her back Shattered chain links caught in flesh Seeping oil and pounding Pressure! Hear the whistling scream Punctured pipe work venting steam Wheels of golden bronze laid bare Drive … Continue reading

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gaping toothless

she’s ever so clumsy all fingers and thumbs, she goes out with her chums, day and night, till their mums say, ‘Enough! You’ll eat crumbs and that’s all, no more plums… Stand up tall! Do your sums! Or you’ll live … Continue reading

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4 – 15

Originally posted on purehaiku:
not a breath of wind the world waits on tenterhooks until the song ends ??F Franklin 2015 Frank enjoys the classical form of haiku and you can read more at Alina Meridon

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my Mad Aunty Ellie’s mechanical man

I’m quite at his mercy – oh, fool that I am! – alone in the basement, I try to awake my Mad Aunty Ellie’s mechanical man with no one to see me, I dare to strip naked so cold in … Continue reading

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Little Princesses – with a hint of dystopia

‘We are told from an early age that we are special,’ she says, her hands punctuating the air dramatically. ‘Or at least that we are destined to be special. We are told that we are beautiful, and that so long … Continue reading

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to make her smile

spring gives life to her gold-graced shafts dance back and forth all to make her smile

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