The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

My short story The Slave-Girl and the Vampire and its sequel Serpent in Eden are set in a post-apocalyptic future, on the fringes of a lesbian utopia. A lesbian utopia is great if you’re a lesbian, but what if you’re not?

Part 1: The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where men are but a historical footnote…

When Carolyn arrives at a remote mansion for a job interview, she is horrified to discover herself trapped and enslaved by a perverse mistress – but it’s not until she’s taken to the basement that she’s given reason to scream, and then her life changes forever.

Read an extract: The Slave-Girl and the Vampire

Part 2: Serpent in Eden

In an ancient mansion, far from civilisation, Eve and her slave-girls keep a secret from the rest of the world: a man.

This man is dangerously beautiful and beautifully dangerous, a virile monster that must be kept chained in the basement.

But one night, when Eve is away, the monster escapes, and the slave-girls must serve a master instead of a mistress…

Read an extract: Serpent in Eden

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