Lesbian Succubus Diary: 1. Making Friends

Dear Diary,

I made a woman scream today – just by looking her.

This was my second day in this job and already I’d made one enemy and a dozen allies without doing anything.

‘Bitch alert!’ Denise whispered. It was nearly eleven o’clock. The ‘bitch’ was late today. She held her head up high and pretended that she had every right to be late, but she still glanced around guiltily, looking for the boss – who, by chance, had not arrived either. ‘I bet they spent the night together,’ Denise said with a giggle. ‘He’s probably hanging around outside.’

As she passed near me, I smiled innocently and said, ‘Good morning, Dorothy.’

Her eyes met mine with a look of terror and she hurried on. I grinned at Denise. ‘What was that all about?’ she asked me.

‘I think she fancies me.’ I know she doesn’t, of course. What we did last night is nothing more than a confusing dream for her.

‘Dorothy? Seriously? But she’s totally after Ian.’

‘Maybe she’s bi.’

‘Huh. Maybe. It’s possible. If I were into girls at all, I’d totally be after you.’

I looked at Denise in surprise, and she blushed. ‘I’m not,’ she said firmly.

I laughed. ‘I’m not looking for a girlfriend,’ I told her, ‘but, you know, if you ever want to hang out, whatever, give me a call.’ I scribbled my phone number down on a Post-It and passed it to her with a wink. She took it, looking very uncertain about what she was getting herself into. ‘Sometimes it’s nice to have fun without men messing everything up,’ I added.

Denise relaxed a little. ‘I hear you. My last boyfriend needed a SatNav to find his way around my body.’

I hope that is a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an app for that.

Dorothy sat at her desk and buried herself immediately in her work, ignoring the rest of us. It was a pleasant change from yesterday when she was ordering me around and generally being a pain – marking her territory and establishing her alpha status.

At lunch time I dragged a reluctant Denise over to sit at the table next to Dorothy’s. I could just see her out of the corner of my eye. She used to be beautiful once, before life soured her. I saw some photos in her house from when she was younger.

‘I had the strangest dream last night,’ I told Denise. My voice was unnecessarily loud, and I saw Dorothy pause, a spoonful of carrot and coriander soup hovering in mid-air. ‘I’m not a lesbian, but…’

I paused to take a bite of my sandwich, basil and mozzarella. Denise watched me with wide, curious eyes – a beautiful blue to match her blonde curls – clearly impatient for me to continue.

‘I was in bed with a woman,’ I said, eyebrows raised in mock astonishment. ‘We made love for hours and hours, and she kept coming and coming, and I know it was only a dream, but…’ I took another bite of my sandwich. Denise hadn’t touched hers.

I looked suddenly straight at Dorothy. ‘She tasted amazing.’

Dorothy screamed and her soup bowl was sent tumbling across the table. The whole room was staring at her. She fled from the cafeteria to the sound of general laughter.

She did taste amazing though. It’s a shame that I must wait a month before I can feed on her again.

About Frank

A Sci-Fi & Fantasy author and lyrical poet with a mild obsession for vampires, succubi, goddesses and Supergirl.
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