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what will my lover be?

yesterday I was a man and cishet through and through I never lusted after men my aim was straight and true an exposed neck or ankles glimpsed would make me burn with need to see beneath the cloaks and veils … Continue reading

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Gay For You

Your chiselled jaw and rock-like pecs Are easy on the eye Those baby blues and pearly whites Attract attention too No trace of fat! The only bulge Magnificent! Oh, my! But all of this will not avail I won’t be … Continue reading

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hanged by my heartstrings & other heresies

Music music for lovers Miloš at the Wigmore Hall caressing our souls the heart of music exposed and vulnerable beats with such anguish! Desigual new season’s colours – the last red leaves of winter flutter in the sales beneath busy … Continue reading

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Sacred Tea

It’s nearly three years now since Suzie returned Cleo to her mother… * At half past eleven we arrive at Sacred. We’ve had fun shopping, and we’re wearing the same Illamasqua make-up – Drench pink berry red lipstick and Entangle … Continue reading

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I wish that I could fall in love

To continue the theme… I wish that I could fall in love and understand why people do the crazy things they do I wish that I were crazy too – But, honestly, to live that way… I wouldn’t last a … Continue reading

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Elle, the Aromantic Villain

Next week is Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, and here’s an early contribution. A glass of wine, a book by candlelight… I love to take a fantasy to bed My heart unstirred, I’ll sleep alone tonight One day, you say, my … Continue reading

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Not to one another, no

Tentative they teased and danced With words and gestures they entranced Shameless flirting, shared delight As dated evening turned to night Destination not in doubt They forged ahead, did not about Eagerly they raced to bed Forgetting quickly they were … Continue reading

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and not to mention…

free from gender constraints unusually well endowed two (too) large and not to mention… naturally good looking and unnaturally resistance is futile! i know you want me

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