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tapio-ku and bird-ku

A short collection this month, in no particular order… street cracks cars play hopscotch at twilight expectant quiet urgent is night over xanadu (after the) t/rain I watch the cracks grow farm shop a discovery of tapioca march to school … Continue reading

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Rose entwined through golden hair She flew up high without a care Let them mutter! Let them stare! She was here, and they were there In soundless space, in sun’s pure shine Orgasmic ripples up her spine Let them bicker! … Continue reading

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Another Super Rant – What the ’El?

While it’s great to have a prominent and positive lesbian relationship in Supergirl, I can’t help feeling the message is: “Kara is (and always will be) 100% straight, but we’ll let you have the sister.” This insistence on Kara’s straightness … Continue reading

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Learning to Smile

She learned not to hear. The cries of fear, of hate, of pain, of sorrow; sharp as acid, blunt as lead. The whimpering misery of the alleyway. The careless brutality of gunshot. The incessant, treacherous whispering of poisonous words. She … Continue reading

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Definition of Irony

From BBC News, quoting The Times: [Mrs May] said: “The SNP is trying to force the UK government to agree to something that is fundamentally unfair to the Scottish people. “It wants to ask them to make a crucial decision … Continue reading

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I have a pet with metal legs

I have a pet with metal legs they number twenty-eight And though the clock’s a ticking fast they merely stand and wait Sometimes they’re in, sometimes they’re out and through the logic gate If nought else known, then one thing’s … Continue reading

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Where Will I

Where will I go when I am gone Will my spirit sink or fly Will earthly worms consume my flesh Will vultures take me high Will ashes stir upon the waves Will spectral hungers rage Will it all have been … Continue reading

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