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Nasty Warrior Women Unite! (Get a cool t-shirt + give to Planned Parenthood!)

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Okay, guys! ♥ I’ve been researching t-shirt campaigns for non-profits these past few days. We’re poor as church mice, but if I can’t donate a crap ton of money to organizations that really need…

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Day is Done

Nineteen hundred miles of wall An awe-full work of tyrant’s art Devoid of soul, bereft of heart Yet echoing with trumpets’ call Proud they marched its weary length A multitude of diverse feet Come rain and wind and ice and … Continue reading

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Alexis has new boots

Alexis has new boots black leather about a fibula not cost-effective to repair let her crawl to the scrap heap it’s good to recycle but Alexis has new boots from an admirer… but surely none could admire her… machinery of … Continue reading

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The humanisation of ‘ex machina-ry

As a fan of science fiction from a young age, I have long been fascinated by tales of artificial intelligence. Isaac Asimov’s extensive use of robots as core characters made famous the Three Laws of Robots: A robot may not … Continue reading

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