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waves of haiku – the narwhal swims through

Word Play liberation of volatile emotion languorous undead seductress teases gorgeously impish ragamuffin laughs sudden panic investing nymph never yet my passion halts faithless lover identifies new game wrongly overlooked mistresses endure neglect sapphic partners attempt naughty kink marriage is … Continue reading

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I kneel before no metal man

Grinding gears and screaming steel With thudding, thunking steps it came Tarmac tore beneath its feet Spitting acid, belching flame ‘Kneel before me, mortal men!’ The monstrous mechanism said Savagely it swung its arm – So many helpless humans dead … Continue reading

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The obligatory costume scene

A dark-eyed Roman artisan with flowing curls of copper hair said, ‘Cara, I’ve a suit for you that will not stretch and will not tear a perfect fit! there’s just one catch: it won’t look good with underwear.’ ‘You little … Continue reading

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Kara to Kal

“For four long years I wore that chain of suffocating kryptonite you can’t conceive the moral pain of witnessing again again the evils I might fight. “The lesson you have taught so well is simply: Never trust a man! your … Continue reading

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Too Much Too Fast – Supergirl’s Intransigence and Illogic

As regular readers will know, I’m a big fan of Supergirl – or, at least, of my own interpretations of her. I know little of her from the comic books, and mostly my concept of her is derived from the … Continue reading

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No More Worlds to Conquer

When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer. This fantastic line was spoken by the late, great Alan Rickman in Die Hard, and I know I was not the first … Continue reading

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Wheeling to Perdition – Rescuing Women from the Bicycle

Reading 1896 newspaper articles on the subject of women riding bicycles, the impression is that dissenting voices were few and far between. One of the most outspoken critics was the Woman’s Rescue League. In Raising More Hell and Fewer Dahlias: … Continue reading

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