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Public Exhibition

in parks they exulted in greenery proclaiming their love of the scenery in twosomes or threes they hid behind trees indulging in all sorts of venery

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Brits choose to live in interesting times

There was a small island called Britain Which with dreams of great riches was smitten The lawyers all smiled As paperwork piled And the constitution was rewritten

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Limericks, Lemons and Limes

There once was a poet who rhymed Words that actually didn’t His limericks sucked Cos the words that he plucked Out of thin air were planted in limes The lemon is sweet on the lips If tasted in tentative sips … Continue reading

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Limericks and Lies

A limerick written on paper Makes a merry and cute little caper But if read with a match On fire it will catch And the words will be lost in the vapour There once was a girl with no heart … Continue reading

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There once was a daft limerick

A rather iffy collection of limericks… There once was a beautiful girl Whose angelic wings did unfurl Her hair grew so long It reached down to her thong And tickled her bum with a curl There once was an amorous … Continue reading

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A succubus sat on a rock

A succubus sat on a rock Wearing naught but a short summer frock Singing, ‘All I adore! I’m so wet! Give me more! I am craving sweet pussy and cock!’ Her victims she threw in the sea She cried to … Continue reading

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stabbed in the chest with a fork

I missed yesterday, so here are two daft little poems. there was a young woman from York who was stabbed in the chest with a fork it prised her apart and twisted her heart which tightened to maximum torque there … Continue reading

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