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Red Stilettos

Update: From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos has earned an Honorable Mention in the Poetry Section in the Paris Book Festival. that slow build-up of tension, of the anticipation of delight, that eagerness on arriving home to see if today … Continue reading

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Unblemished skin on voluptuous curves – O fragrant perfection! Do you yearn for my lips, for their soft education in secrets of pleasure and sweet misdirection? Or, like me, do you lust after deep penetration? With a tip, deadly sharp, … Continue reading

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How do metaphors make love?

Poetically! (Or should that be the other way around?) R.H. Hope’s Love, Evolved, published July, 2012, is a collection of poetry through which the poet speaks of love and makes love: My sun whispers to you good morning, And kisses … Continue reading

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Fun With Fractals

One of my passions in life – when I’m not otherwise consumed by work, family life or writing – is computer programming, and I have always loved fractal images. As a general rule, every time I was introduced to a … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

Annie Oakfield’s The Bucket List, Part One, published April 2013, is a short story / novella about Lucy (told in first person) who spends one long exhausting – but very satisfying – evening as the demonstration model at a dildo … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life

I can’t live without iPad. My six-year-old daughter, this morning, having survived for a whole week without one – you can imagine her ecstasy last night on discovering the iPad she dropped last week (Alas, poor iPad,…) had been replaced.

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Immortal Perfection – The Amaranth and the Plot Hammer

Strong Heroines and Vulnerability FanFiction Fridays recently posted And Another Thing… which has a list of observations on writing gleaned from The Write Stuff. Two points in particular caught my eye: It’s ok to have two characters date each other. … Continue reading

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Screaming Spires

Georgiana Derwent’s Screaming Spires, published April 2013, is the second book in The Cavaliers, a trilogy about an elite society of vampires based at Oxford University. The story of Harriet, the main character, is loosely based on the author’s time … Continue reading

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but writing makes it so

(‘Nothing is good or bad but writing makes it so.’ – funny observation by bottledworder: Five observations on writing.) I do a lot of ranting on this blog about the tropes used in vampire novels, most often complaining about: my … Continue reading

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the taste of warm blood on my lips

Not a post about vampires, although Bliss does almost conjure these creatures to mind: Your venom kiss infected me with lust Too weak, I gave in to your wicked curse And I became your slave that night Until the touch … Continue reading

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