Supergirl has started making irregular appearances on this blog. I explain some of my fascination with her in Poetic Justice: In search of Supergirl and Who is Supergirl. In my poetry, I choose not to follow the orthodox texts – or Supercat either (I have very mixed feelings about the TV series – see Too Much Too Fast – Supergirl’s Intransigence and Illogic and Another Super Rant – What the ’El?). Sexual and romantic orientations, essential character and even physical form are all variables. The most popular poem, by far, is Batgirl and Supergirl.

Where are you, Kara?
The world needs you, Supergirl!
Embrace destiny…

Most of the poems were written in April 2014, but there is an ongoing series about the lesbian romance between Supergirl and the supervillain dominatrix Mistress X:

  1. A hero true, Mistress X holds the city to ransom.
  2. Until our souls combine, Coffee with Mistress X.
  3. Ineffectual Steel, The world is in peril, but Mistress X has other priorities.
  4. Stopped with a Kiss, Supergirl is frustrated with the media; Mistress X cheers her up.
  5. Super Honeymoon Game, The Earth moves for Supergirl.
  6. Super Man vs Girl, Superman is unhappy over Supergirl’s villainous wife.
  7. Women Need No (Super)Men, Mistress X, naturally, is furious with Superman.
  8. The City’s Riches, Mistress X plays another kinky game.
  9. Lois Aflame, Mistress X and Supergirl get delicious revenge on Superman.
  10. My hero touched me here, Supergirl uses her powers for evil.
  11. Deep the shrouding darkness, A back-alley villanelle.
  12. So loud the hero screamed!, A vengeful terzanelle.
  13. Lover’s Game, A bored Mistress X plays a game with Supergirl
  14. Dressing as a Man, or, The SuperSanta Express
  15. This femininity I do detest, A body swap induces dysphoria for Mistress X
  16. A Virgin Pure, Supergirl and Mistress X watch TV

Which also has an origin-tale sequence:

  1. A Girl Called X, an origin tale of sorts for Mistress X
  2. A Frightened Girl, Our Hero, Kara’s version of their first meeting
  3. Beneath the Cooling Sun, The military come for Kara but find Mistress X
  4. Just X Found, Mistress X finds Kara’s shapeship
  5. How Kara got her name, in which Supergirl is born
  6. A Star Ignited, Mistress X wasn’t the first person to put Kara in chains…
  7. That Shattering Night, … but she was the one who set her free
  8. Kara to Kal, Supergirl is furious with her cousin
  9. The obligatory costume scene, Playing dress-up
  10. I kneel before no metal man, Supergirl saves the day
  11. Oh, Supergirl, a moment please, Dreaming of a day job
  12. Kill me, Supergirl, Sometimes there is no hope…
  13. The worm turns, Mistress X erases her past
  14. Evidence of pain, An existential crisis
  15. Sunshine, A rebirth

Supergirl in love
on her knees for Mistress X
the villainess melts

April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), basically an excuse (if you need one) to write a poem a day. For April 2014, I adopted a Supergirl theme – but only because I told myself at the start that I couldn’t write poetry about superheroes, and had the perversity to do exactly that.

Supergirl a porno made to tease her Mistress X
A hundred dirty fantasies of solo supersex
She acted them out one by one, the risqué and the tame
And all of it was captured in a single blurry frame

Finally, some other Supergirl poems &c. written after April:

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